10 Feb 2023

It has been a privilege and pleasure to sell Cabbagetown properties throughout my real estate career. As a 42 year resident of the neighbourhood, I have witnessed significant growth, change and gentrification during this time.


There is debate over whether Cabbagetown in Toronto, or San Francisco has the largest remaining grouping of Victorian homes in North America, but there is no doubt these neighbourhoods bring beauty and architectural impact to both cities.


Most Cabbagetown Victorians have been improved, renovated, and rebuilt since they were originally installed between 1840 and 1900, with some experiencing several rounds of improvement throughout their history.  A few remain in relatively original condition and others have been restored with great attention to historical detail.  Victorian architecture started in London approx. 1837.

The first revitalization of Cabbagetown started with an influx of young, creative residents during the 1970’s and pushed through the 1980’s. I believe the area has been experiencing another exciting cycle of change over the past several years due to the residents from the 70’s and 80’s selling for retirement and right sizing purposes. This has opened the door to another group of people to buy into these inner-city homes with their families.  Some of these renovations have taken houses that were renovated into modern design from the 70’s/80’s back to a restoration of Victorian architecture, and others have since been renovated or rebuilt according to current contemporary design.


Because Cabbagetown is a Heritage Conservation District, much of the Victorian streetscape remains, and illustrates the various housing styles from that era. This also means there are restrictions on what level of change renovators can make to exterior facades. The city and local groups work diligently to maintain the character of the neighbourhood which also makes it very attractive and desirable to current buyers.


A village within the heart of the city, Cabbagetown provides a high standard of living with services, including easy access to public transit, schools within walking distance, great grocery stores, catering, a weekly farmers market and shops which provide all the necessities for day to day living, as well as art and design.  Cabbagetown restaurants are recognized all over the city for their great dining experiences. The neighbourhood’s close proximity to the business and entertainment districts make it one of the most sought-after areas in the city to buy.


There is an abundance of green space including 2 beautifully maintained children’s parks, with splash pads and wading pools. There is also an off-lead dog area and access to walking/cycling trails.


The culture is diverse and welcoming.  Contrary to how most large cities are perceived regarding knowing your neighbours, it is a pleasure to walk down the street, or go into the shops/restaurants and be recognized and welcomed as a resident and neighbour.


Call me if you are interested in living in this wonderful neighbourhood, I’m happy to answer your questions and be your guide.


My best,

Kimberley Ezeard

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