I don’t know about you, but to help occupy my time and keep my mind off the Covid crises, I’ve launched into a flurry of spring cleaning and gardening.

I love the constructive distraction and the results of cleaning, polishing, laundering and finally into those neglected nooks. Whether your spring cleaning checklist is intricate or as simple as sanitizing all surfaces, I’ve rounded up expert-approved tasks you can do right now.

With the help of clean cloths and cleaning solutions, it’s time to say goodbye to dusty digs and hello to a spring-fresh sanctuary!

Clean the Front Door

Why not give the entrance of your home the treatment it deserves?

Pro organizer Lois Kaplan of Montreal’s Organized Success suggests washing and drying the entire door all the way down to the sill to make a good first impression. Cleaning the surface with a gentle mix of dish soap and water does the trick, be sure to polish any glass and hardware.

Re-organize the Linen Closet

To avoid overcrowding, the general rule is to have two to three towels per person in your home and one extra set of sheets per bed. If you are well over those numbers, consider cutting up the linens to use as rags, or donate them to your local animal clinic/shelter, they use them as bedding for our pets.

Switch Out Seasonal Gear

It’s time to switch out skates, skis and oversized scarves for sun hats and sneakers. Start by wiping down built-ins and shoe racks, then mop the last traces of winter away before pulling out spring favourites. For those with limited space, place winter hats on the bottom of a basket or shelf, layer with a towel and place summer hats on top.

Clean Under Laundry Machines

The laundry room is an area people often neglect even though it’s the room where we clean our clothing. Aside from wiping shelves and disposing of unnecessary items from laundry room cabinets, consider doing a deeper clean by moving machines aside to sanitize the hard-to-reach space underneath. Be sure to wipe behind the machines where dust accumulates.

Switch Your Wardrobe

We’re quick to put away sweaters and jackets when we spot the first signs of spring, but when was the last time you KonMari-ed your closet? Not only does this method edit out pieces you don’t wear, it instantly transforms cluttered wardrobes into tidy, streamlined spaces. If there’s a sweater that hasn’t been off the hanger in the past year, consider donating it or passing it along to someone who will use it. The best time to do this is right before you store your winter clothes away.

Purge the Pantry

Organizing your pantry can help avoid the build up of old cans, cartons and stale food pushed to the back of the cupboard. Before stocking your pantry with spring staples (hello, sparkling water!), take inventory of what you currently have, what’s expired and what should be eaten sooner than later. As for anything that is past its prime, consider it compost for your garden!

Edit Your Files

A labelled filing cabinet whether digital or actual is a stress-saver come tax season when we search to compile records and receipts. Get a head start by revisiting dated documents. Ensure you are only keeping seven years’ worth of required documents. Anything prior can be safely discarded by shredding and recycling.

Clean Out-Of-Sight Storage Areas

The lack of foot traffic, and often light, in hidden areas like utility closets, attics and nooks under the stairs make them perfect targets for unwanted pests and cobwebs. Fortunately, getting rid of cobwebs is as easy as removing them with a vacuum or, using a broom covered in a rag. Purge while cleaning and find new room for storage!

Clean Outdoor Space

Carving out a quiet space in your backyard to get a breather can instantly boost your mood, especially if it’s free of grime. Hose down your patio or deck so it’s ready for your outdoor furniture. While a pressure washer can lift deeper stains, an ordinary hose will do away with most dust and debris. Some annuals like ice-pansies are cold tolerant and will beautify the space while waiting for the warmer weather to arrive.

Kimberley Ezeard

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