Dec 1,  2020

Thank you for visiting my website, and welcome to the platform that reviews my listings, my approach to my work, and real estate sales in Toronto and Niagara.

As a downtown Toronto native, most of my life and career was built in the neighbourhoods of this great city. The energy, diversity and dynamic of city life has been a driving force in my experience, and certainly framed my success. 

However, as a country girl wannabe, I’ve spent 20 years getting to know the south coast of Niagara along Lake Erie. It has been an absolute privilege to introduce friends, neighbours and clients to this hidden gem, which has outstanding beaches, food, shops, and a wonderful quality of life, less than 2 hours from Toronto!

I redesigned the website to maximize navigation, so finding information relevant to my clients interests and needs would be as quick and concise as possible. Also, I wanted to provide insight for those who are interested in getting to know me more personally. 

I love my work, every day is different, and I become acquainted with some amazing people, but I also love my hounds, horse, and gardening…

This has been an interesting and challenging year for many. It has certainly changed the real estate landscape and the patterns of buying and selling we have witnessed over the past 12 years. There has been a notable exodus of people living in the towers in downtown Toronto to outlying areas of the GTA and smaller centers such as Guelph, Niagara, Muskoka, and the Kawartha’s. The reason for this is the buying power in those areas over the city of Toronto, and the need for people to have access to outdoors and green space in a safe way.

This movement has opened the door for people who are committed to staying in the city to negotiate better values for the remaining inventory of homes, and we haven’t experienced the level of multiple offers previously seen in the market.

This year has created uncertainty. We will collectively navigate the long-term effects for the next few years, but we are a strong and resilient culture, we care for and support one another and our communities. We will overcome the current stressors and come out the other side, more cohesive and stronger than ever.

My best,

Kimberley Ezeard

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